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Not only Software. Our goal is to solve a specific challenge

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We propose you
an integrated and open solution


Digital Ecosystem Asset Repository & Operation Management System


Content Centric : powerfull features for searching and visualizing your assets, your operations, and their interdependencies.

User Centric : our solution is deeply scalable as it enables teams autonomy and unifies teams interactions. It empowers easy, fast, and consistent evolutions driven by user needs.

Added Values

1. Operations Excellence

As each operation is linked with assets, the operator context is much more accurate. This context awareness improves a lot operations effectiveness.

2. Unified Digital Culture

A common view on company assets like process, organization, software, data, infrastructure is shared between stakeholder and operations

3. Fact based decision

Both world, operational effectiveness and decision boards interact through asset insights & operation management

Our Sevices


We first need to understand one of your operational pain or challenge : migrate your infrastructure into the cloud, unify your operationnal process, understand your it costs, migrate your legacy middleware, etc.. The prototype we build with you provides an operational solution to this concern. Our prototypes are fully operationnal and can be deployed in your production environment without much work.


We focus on your teams autonomy. By building the prototype with you, we share our experience and our skills. We also deliver specific training on more advanced topics and ensure the change management with all users.


When the prototype operationnal value is validated, the next step objective is to integrate this solution to your production environment.


When our solution run on you production environment, we ensure our solution continuity of service.

See it
in action

Watch an on-demand Digital Graph IT demo and gain insight for an innovative digital foundations, that support business-outcome-driven technology investment planning and prioritizations.

Added Values


Asset repository

What enables your business; your organization, your process, your data, your infrastructure defines your digital ecosystem. We provide simple and powerfull solutions for managing all your assets.


Interdependencies analysis

We deliver full text search, intuitive visualization, and powerfull request language for exploring assets, operations and interdependencies.


Asset historic & Activity context

Our solutions enable asset awareness for managing your operations. For instance, creating an order relates to many assets as a customer, a product, a service, etc..


Unified reporting

We provide visual cockpits that cover managing operations and driving asset evolutions. Our reporting solutions offer simple and synthetic views on asset historic and operation context. Copy